Vertical Basketball Camp – Sample Day Schedule

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Vertical Basketball Camp – Sample Day Schedule

8:30 – Athletes arrive, balls are out for free play and shooting

9:00 – Meet in center circle, Introductions of coaches, and itinerary for the week

  • Break Kids up into groups for station work
  • Assign according to age level
  • Send each group to a basket

9:10 – Dynamic Stretching on baseline

9:20 – Stations (15 minutes at each basket)

(Will Happen each day of the camp, and each day stations will advance in the category)

  • Station #1 – Ball handling
  • Station #2 – Footwork
  • Station #3 – Agility and Speed
  • Station #4 – Shooting
  • Station #5 – Screens
  • Station #6 – Defense

10:50 – Water Break (Bring it in center circle first and breakdown) 

11:00 – Break players up in age groups for 5 on 5 play

  • Coaches will select teams for players over lunch
  • Each player will be given a number for evaluation
  • Coaches pick even teams for the week
  • Players find out teams after lecture

12:00 – LUNCH 

12:30 – Guest Speaker (Each day will be different)

  • Each day there will be a 30 minute lesson or lecture, and will advance until the 4th day
  • 15 minute breakouts with kids up in groups to talk with coaches about the message

1:15 – 3 on 3 or 5 on 5 games until the end of the training day

2:45 – Meet in center circle, go over schedule for tomorrow, DISMISSAL

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