KOS Choir

The KOS Choir, College of Pedagogy, Litomyšl, Czech Republic

The KOS Choir is a part of a special school in the historical town of Litomyšl, Czech Republic specializing in preparing future teachers and educators. The school includes four years of high school education and four years of college education. The choir program was established more than fifty years ago, initially with treble choir only. In 2002, the current director, Milan Motl, was appointed to lead the choral program. Since that time the choir was expanded to be a mixed vocal group incorporating both male and female students.

The KOS Choir represents the rich tradition of Czech choral music in the Czech Republic as well as in other European nations. The group has achieved many international awards in festivals and choral competitions; most recently, first place at the International Choral Festival in Bucharest. Apart from excellent vocal performance, the choir captivates their audiences with passionate expression, use of costumes, instruments, and props, as well as dance and interpretive motion.

The KOS Choir performed throughout Europe and in 2008 toured in Canada. Under the direction of Mr. Milan Motl the group has produced six albums. Several of the recordings feature special music projects such as a new children’s opera, Budulínek, the original Broadway musical, Jesus Christ Superstar, rock oratorio, Eversmiling Liberty (on the text of Handel’s Judas Maccabees), and Pygmalion, a Baroque opera. The choir has a rich repertoire featuring a great variety of genres from Renaissance to contemporary music, sacred compositions, spirituals, and Czech folk music.

The KOS Choir and the leadership of the Pedagogy College of Litomyšl would like to thank Dr. Michael Šust and the Czech Symphony Project for producing their first U.S. tour. Many thanks to Harvest Bible Chapel St. Louis, Berean Mission Alliance, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, and all the local churches and schools in three states as well as many other sponsors that made this tour possible.