What is High FIVE?

High FIVE is a Christ-Based Summer Camp that gets the kids excited about serving and worshiping Christ! The kids will be exposed to Worshiping and Working for Christ through special classes called, ELECTIVES. These electives are based on the gifts God gave us. No two kids were created the same so all of the kids get to choose which electives they would like to take to completely customize their High FIVE experience! High Five is for childen 3 years old to 8th Grade.


The Summer Camp is held at Harvest Bible Chapel St. Louis West. The Summer 2018 dates will be announced SOON! So check back later! Before and after care are available for an additional fee. If they have any food allergies, please note that while enrolling.

Pre School High Five!

Pre School is for all campers 3 to 5 years old. They will not get to choose what elective they take but instead they do what is called FLY! FLY! has electives already designed for kids Pre-K and Under. These electives are for developing listening skills, creativity, improving motor skills, and encouraging listening. Kids will visit each elective every day. FLY! begins at 10:00am.

FLY! Electives are as follows:

Project: Kids will paint, draw, and sculpt using clay.

Game Time: Kids will play various active games.

STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Math.

Builder: Kids will build things with everything from LEGOS to Wooden Blocks.

Party: Kids will dance and sing to music that glorifies Jesus.


Elective Registration for Summer 2018 SOON! Check Back Later!

Electives are choosen by the child in order to customize their experience to fit the gifts God gave them. Each child is allowed to choose 2 different electives and will learn how to use those gifts all throughout the week. The possibilities are endless.

Camper electives are:

Tree House: Kids will make sling shots, simple wood crafts, catch frogs and bugs, throw water balloons, play in the mud, and learn basic survival skills.

Builders:Kids will build structures with everything from LEGOS to Wooden Blocks. Learning about building design and how to create bridges.

Show Time:Kids will learn the art of theater and acting. They will dress up in costumes as they make their drama come to life. Kids bring their own costumes.

Defenders: Kids will learn the Japanese Martial Art of Karate. They will learn self-discipline as well as learning to become a High Five Ninja!

Baseball: Kids will learn how to play Baseball like the pro’s in this elective. They will learn how to play each position effectively and have a great time in the process.

Volleyball: Learn from the best in this active indoor sport! Learn the in & outs of Volleyball and play hard to be the best.