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24-Hour Prayer Chain

Signups are complete, but you can still join in the prayer that is happening throughout the day on July 1. Wherever you are, use the guide below as we unite in prayer as a church body.

Believing firmly in the power of prayer is one of our Harvest Pillars even as the Word of God affirms that “the prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working” (James 5:16).

We desire to be united in praying fervently for things that are pivotal to the work of the gospel in our church, our city, and our nation. Looking at the big picture, the elders of our church believe that our sincere efforts must begin at the local level.

  1. Please pray especially for the three things we currently seem to struggle with as a church. Our ability to continue in quality discipleship is lowered because of some of the needs and struggles we face as a church. (More information on these areas is listed below.)
  2. In some cases, this may first require a change in your own heart. If you find yourself convicted please repent and make a sacred vow to the Lord to get more involved and become a part of His answer.
  3. In all of these prayers, let’s also remember to exalt the Lord for who He is: our great Savior and King, loving Father and gracious Provider, as well as Sovereign Ruler of the universe.

Specific prayers for the most pressing needs at Harvest St. Louis

Servant attitude

We have some tremendous servants at our church. We so appreciate everyone who helps to build the church. Some brothers and sisters are wearing multiple hats and are really busy serving even to the point of burnout, partly because there are others who choose to take their time sitting on the bench. Every believer should have a spot where they regularly work for Christ, either on Sundays or during the week. We are a team—please pray everyone will understand this!

There are so many opportunities and needs at Harvest St. Louis. Yes, service to God at church requires sacrifice, commitment and, in some cases, a renewed attitude moving away from “somebody will do it” all the way to “I will do it.” So, please pray for all the hearts at Harvest to be convicted. God expects more of us, because He is worthy. Let’s be unified as a church of servants, not consumers, “even as the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many” (Matthew 20:28).

Multiplication of leaders

From among the servants, we need people to grasp the vision for multiplication and take the next step. Please pray for that! We need people to become overseers and facilitators of ministries and small groups. This requires passion for flocking others, commitment to training processes, and certainty in your commitment to this local body. Our church will be more healthy and better functioning if we have more people leading and facilitating ministries to offload responsibilities from pastors, staff, and overburdened volunteers.

Stewardship and giving

We have some generous givers and praise God for all who contribute to keep Harvest St. Louis going economically. The treasurer’s report, however, also shows that a number of our worshippers does not participate in giving proportionately or regularly. Sadly, there are also some who don’t give at all. Stewardship and giving are a matter of faith. Currently, we are running almost $40K behind the targeted budget number for the year. Yet, we have more than enough people in the church to crush the budget number every week if everyone who gives little gave more and everyone who’s holding back started to support God’s church.

Concerning financial stewardship, let’s pray first for all the hearts to be in the right place. Please know that we are managing as best we can the funds that come in. We praise God that the church is not behind on paying bills and has no debt. Some Harvest ministries, however, are on hold because we cannot fund them or even start them. We are also in need of increase for future staffing—this is a big burden right now! Did you know that Pastor Mike Pospischil has been working for the church full-time for three years without pay? God provided for him until the end of this year through a severance agreement from his former job, but starting in January 2016, the burden is ours. Currently we are not able to add a paid full-time assistant pastor position unless things change and everyone steps up. We don’t want to lose Mike, nor go through a difficult staff transition at the end of this year trying to fill the gaps. Harvest, what are we going to do about this? Please pray fervently, give generously, and let’s ask the Father to bring other believers to join Harvest St. Louis, so that our church will become God’s answer for this need!

Thank you for joing in this 24-Hour Prayer Chain. May His presence saturate this ministry with great power and blessing!